Competition Rules

Men’s Major competitions are: Captain’s Prize, President’s Cup, Todd Trophy, Schofield Trophy, Coronation Trophy, Centenary Cup, Manning Trophy, Scratch Trophy, Handicap Trophy, Millennium Trophy and Club Champion.

If a member is disqualified from a Major competition by reason of his non-appearance to his starting time, without satisfactory excuse, then he will be barred from subsequent Major competitions for the remainder of the season.

In a drawn competition, members who were not included in the original draw, may take up any blank space on the starting sheet PROVIDING they enter the starting sheet BEFORE COMMENCING THEIR ROUND.

If a member fails to appear for his starting time without a satisfactory excuse, he will be banned from playing in the next two competitions and must pay the required fee.

Players entered into any competitions are obliged to pay the required fee. If they cannot honour their alloted tee time, they must inform the Competitions Secretary as well as their playing partners. Any member in arrears with any competition fees will not be entered into any future draws until payment is received.

Any competitor withdrawing from a competition after the draw has been made, must replace his name with the first reserve, notify The Competitions Secretary and pay the required fee.

Ladies’ Major Competitions are: Captain’s Trophy, President’s Bowl, McLerie Cup, Jubilee Trophy, Scratch Trophy, Brennand Trophy, Sue Burton Trophy, Lynn Gilligan Trophy, Centenary Trophy, Coronation Trophy & Order of Merit.

These, and other rules, can be found on pages 73-76 in your diary/handbook