2018 Membership

We currently offer the following membership categories for men and women:

New Membership Package:-

12 Months 7 day Membership for 2018-19, £350

12 Months 6 day Membership for 2018-2019, £300

 Click Here for full details

7 day full membership: £350 (2018 offer)

6 day full membership (excluding Saturdays): £300 (2018 offer)

Youth (17-21): £124

Junior or Youth playing in competitions: £316

Juniors (up to 17, if relatives of members): FREE

House: £10

There is also a very good offer of 3-month trial membership at £75 for 5 day (Monday – Friday) or £100 for 6 day (Sunday – Friday).   An attractive deal is available for those converting to full membership after the three month trial.

Click the appropriate link to download a membership application form. The completed form should be sent to the Secretary at the address on the Contacts page.


Application Form for 3 Month Trial Offers


Application Form for 2018 Offers